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AMOS Professional BSD Socket Extension

Want to get online with your AMOS Professional program? Now you can in style!

This extension provides a wrapper around the BSD Socket library provided by your Internet stack for use with AMOS Professional. There's some attempt to roll up some of the low-level functionality into something more usable by AMOS.


  • Copy AMOSPro_BSDSocket.Lib to AMOSPro_System:APSystem/
  • Within AMOS Professional:
    • Config -> Set Interpreter

    • Load Default Configuration

    • Set Loaded Extensions

    • Extension Slot 18 -- AMOSPro_BSDSocket.Lib

    • Exit

    • Save Configuration

    • Restart AMOS Professional

    • Type in the following and Run:

      Print Socket Library Open

      The line should tokenize, and running it should print -1 if you have no Internet stack running, or a large number if you do.


Communicating with an HTTP server

LIB=Socket Library Open

If LIB<=0
End If

SOCKET=Socket Create Inet Socket
_=Socket Set Nonblocking(SOCKET,True)

' connect to
IP$=Dns Get Address By Name$("")

Reserve As Work 30,1024

For I=1 To 100
      RESULT=Socket Wait Async Writing(SOCKET,100)
      If RESULT=-3
         Print "Socket connect failure!"
      End If

      If RESULT>0
      End If
   End If

      HTTPGET$="GET / HTTP/1.0"+Chr$(10)+"Host: amiga"+Chr$(10)+Chr$(10)
      Print "Making HTTP request to"
      _=Socket Send(SOCKET,Varptr(HTTPGET$),Len(HTTPGET$))

      For J=1 To 100
         RESULT=Socket Wait Async Reading(SOCKET,5000)
         If RESULT>0
            OUT=Socket Recv(SOCKET To Start(30),1024)
            For K=0 To OUT-1
            Next K
            Print _DATA$
            If OUT<1024
               Exit 2
            End If
         End If
      Next J
   End If
Next I

Socket Library Close

Starting a server

If Socket Library Open<=0
End If

SOCKET=Socket Create Inet Socket

_=Socket Set Nonblocking(SOCKET,True)
_=Socket Reuse Addr(SOCKET)


_=Socket Listen(SOCKET)
Print "listening on port 8000"

For I=1 To 100
   RESULT=Socket Wait Async Reading(SOCKET,500)

   If RESULT>0
      _REMOTE_SOCKET=Socket Accept(SOCKET)

      Print Socket Inet Ntoa$(Socket Get Host(_REMOTE_SOCKET))
      Print Socket Get Port(_REMOTE_SOCKET)

      Print Socket Recv$(_REMOTE_SOCKET,1024)

   End If
   Wait Vbl
Next I

Socket Library Close

Who's using the extension?

    • As of April 2023, the extension's been in heavy use for over a month on the client side of the game.

Doing something cool with the extension? Contact me and I'll add it to the list!

General Notes

  • The BSD Socket library, and all sockets, will close automatically when the program runs again. Sockets will stay open after stopping you code so you can debug issues from the AMOS console.
  • Since AMOS takes over Ctrl-C handling, you have to continually poll for socket statuses on nonblocking sockets. Trying to use a blocking socket will likely cause AMOS to hang indefinitely!
    • Using the Wait Async functions with small timeouts are the most system-friendly way of doing this.
  • MiamiDX can be fiddly, at least it is on my MiSTer set up. If Internet connectivity is not working, try re-connecting to the network.
  • If using Roadshow, bsdsocket.library will always be available, so you can't use its presence or lack thereof to test if Internet is available. You'll have to use a combination of DNS lookups and/or connection timeouts using Socket Async Wait Writing to determine if the Internet is available.


This project uses semantic versioning.

  • If the major number increases, API has changed.
  • Otherwise, the extension's API should be backwards compatible.


Copyright 2023 John Bintz. Licensed under the MIT License.

If you use this in your project, and you really want to, throw a link to somewhere! You can also find a donate link on the About section on The Industrious Rabbit.

Feedback? Bug reports?

Go to the About section on The Industrious Rabbit to contact me.


1.0.0 (2023-04-01)

  • First public release

1.0.1 (2023-04-04)

  • Fix bug in Socket Wait Async Writing where result of getsockopt was incorrectly used.



  • Clone the AMOS Professional source code
  • Run execute absdsocket
    • Note that you'll have to fix up some assigns and files in the AMOS Professional source directory. I'll update this README with those changes once I track them down...



  • Install jlha-utils and a modern enough Java to run it
  • Install Ruby
  • Run bin/release