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main: *.c
vamos -c ../.vamosc sc main.c LINK
vamos -c ../.vamosrc sc main.c LINK

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# Pizza Timer
This is the pizza timer written in C for the Commodore Amiga I made for
"Can a Commodore Amiga help you cook a pizza?" on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QrrugOgFmjg
## Requirements
* AmigaOS 2 and higher
* I use the GadTools library to build the timer, which only works out-od-the-box
on 2 and higher.
* The timer can take advantage of AmigaOS 3 updates to GadTools for displaying
the timer text.
## Running
* `main` and `bell.8svx` will run the timer itself
* You'll need `bell.8svx` in the same folder as `main` if you want to
hear the bell noise.
* `justwindow` will show the basic window with no gadgets besides window ones.
## Compiling
I built this using [vamos](https://lallafa.de/blog/amiga-projects/amitools/vamos/)
and SAS/C on my Linux machine, which I set up using
[this guide](https://lallafa.de/blog/2011/12/running-the-amiga-sas-c-6-58-compiler-with-vamos/).
Having GNU make installed makes the process a little easier.
## Credits
* "Reception bell" by cdrk
* https://freesound.org/people/cdrk/sounds/264594/
* CC-BY 4.0