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[Send any feedback you wish]( -- it's
appreciated! -- but I really don't know when I'll get back to working on this.
Use WASD to move, left mouse to fire, aim using your mouse. Shooting enemies
restores health and gives you coins. If you earn enough coins, you can upgrade:
* `P` will increase damage per shot
* `O` permanently upgrades your max health and restores all your health
* `I` will increase the amount of health you can get from shooting enemies
There are two weapon pickups:
* Yellow is a shotgun, firing a spread of three shots
* Red doubles up your shots, potentially making it through more enemies
Much of it is not working:
* The game just starts.
* The game doesn't end when you run out of health. Hit [Escape] to end the game.
* The difficulty needs serious tuning.
* It does not look good.
* If you play for too long the game will likely crash.
Try it out!
## Setup
Builds are done on a host Linux system with Open Watcom 2.0 installed to