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@ -177,6 +177,41 @@ Next TRIES
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Socket Get Host"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["socket id too high"]
RESULT=Socket Get Host(999999)
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["socket id is valid"]
RESULT=Socket Get Host(SOCKET)
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Socket Get Port"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["socket id too high"]
RESULT=Socket Get Port(999999)
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["socket id is valid"]
RESULT=Socket Get Port(SOCKET)
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Socket Inet Ntoa$"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Use the socket host"]
RESULT$=Socket Inet Ntoa$(Socket Get Host(SOCKET))
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["String can be manipulated"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Socket Send and Socket Send$"]
HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS$="GET / HTTP/1.0"+Chr$(10)+"Host: amiga"+Chr$(10)+Chr$(10)
@ -221,6 +256,8 @@ _END_CONTEXT
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Socket Recv$ and Socket Recv"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Socket Recv$"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Read 20 characters"]
@ -243,11 +280,11 @@ _ADD_TO_REPORT[Str$(RESULT)]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Data was read"]
' this value will change in the interpreter as tests run
' we are hacking the gibson here
Copy Start(20),Start(20)+20 To Varptr(DEST$)
For I=0 To 19
Next I
Erase 20
@ -268,4 +305,49 @@ _ADD_TO_REPORT["Success"]
_BEGIN_CONTEXT["Call functions with library closed"]
_=Socket Set Nonblocking(0,True)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Set Nonblocking"]
_=Socket Reuse Addr(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Reuse Addr"]
_=Socket Create Inet Socket
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Create Inet Socket"]
_=Socket Connect(0 To "",0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Connect"]
_=Socket Bind(0 To "",0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Bind"]
_=Socket Listen(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Listen"]
_=Socket Accept(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Accept"]
_=Socket Wait Async Reading(0,0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Wait Async Reading"]
_=Socket Wait Async Writing(0,0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Wait Async Writing"]
_=Socket Set Timeout(0,0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Set Timeout"]
_=Socket Close Socket(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Close Socket"]
_=Socket Send$(0,"")
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Send$"]
_=Socket Send(0,0,0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Send"]
_$=Socket Recv$(0,0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Recv$"]
_=Socket Recv(0 To 0,0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Recv"]
_=Socket Get Host(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Get Host"]
_=Socket Get Port(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Get Port"]
_$=Socket Inet Ntoa$(0)
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Inet Ntoa$"]
_=Socket Errno
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Errno"]
_= Extension_18_02F8
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Socket Herrno"]
_$=Dns Get Address By Name$("")
_ADD_TO_REPORT["Dns Get Address By Name$"]
Close 1