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# Amiga Copperbars Examples from "Amiga rasterbar are cool"
These are the code files used to generate the rasterbars effects on the
Agnus/Copper Industrious Rabbit video. I built them to compile in SAS/C
Agnus/Copper Industrious Rabbit video [Meet the Copper](https://youtu.be/fdVrh7RnS-0).
I built them to compile in SAS/C 6.58:
`sc <filename> link`
@ -35,3 +35,4 @@ to generate pseudo-random results in the demo, using the microseconds since
the machine was turned on as the initial seed
(using [timer.device](http://www.amigadev.elowar.com/read/ADCD_2.1/Devices_Manual_guide/node00C1.html)).
This required enabling audio DMA for some reason that I don't understand.
If you know why, please tell me via the About page!